Ponderosa Pining

I'm Will. Amatuer photographer and outdoor enthusiast from Rhode Island. Visit In Decent Exposure to see my photography

I’m getting a call about a full time position I’m being offered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This whole am I moving thing is getting too suspenseful. I actually don’t know what I’ll do if I’m stuck here for winter

If I find out today I’ve got a job in CO, I’m setting up a yard sale to purge my belongings. I want to move with as little as possible


Spent the weekend with Rhode Pig Racing at the New England Forest Rally. Quite a hoot

I’m going to another rally this weekend, but at least this time I’ll have time to edit the shots. I’m gonna have to do some site seeing while I’m up in New York

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I live across the street from a Catholic church. The only upside to this is that on Tuesday nights they have some sort of bagpipe club and I do actually really like listening to it