Ponderosa Pining

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So excited to go camping and kayaking and building campfires tomorrow. It’s my favorite thing. Taking Frank and Emily to all my favorite places

Really annoyed with my second shooter. I told him when he would be paid. IE when I get the check. He sad that was fine, but he’s been texting me nonstop “Where’s the loot?” “When am I getting paid?”  and it’s been going on and on. This wouldn’t be too big of a problem, but he disappeared during the reception to smoke and showed up again for dinner. I don’t want to pay him more than I already have. Like, you were being paid to work, not walk off and get high half the time. BAAAAAAAAAAAH

I picked up a hitchhiker today. He said he was trying not to rely on his parents to get home to CT. Good luck, thank you for not murdering me.

If I apply to a hundred places, one will call fer sure

My cat Hershey has always snored and it’s always been the same sound since we got her. It took forever to figure out the sound of windshield wipers in the house was actually her snoring. She’s dong it now

KC and the Sunshine Band

—Keep It Comin Love


been jamming to this for a while


Kempenaar Clambake Club

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I’d like to point out that this was the first time I’d actually eaten lobster. I don’t think I can qualify as being a New Englander

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Mmmm could be working in Colorado